Jennings Family Fall Pics 2019

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Jennings Family Newborn Pics of Our daughter 2019

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Jennings Family Newborn Pics of Our Son 2016

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Family Christmas 2017  with Our son and Our Shih Tzu “Sala"

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RIP Teika

Teika came to us in Sept. 2002 and past peacefully in my arms in Oct. 2016. From the tender age of 6 weeks old she immediately took charge of our 6 yr old dog (Tiny) and from that moment on she ruled the house. We often called Teika, the Queen of Sheba, although dominant she was a people pleaser, she always came when called and I could always trust her not to get into any mischief. She loved my mom and knew her as “Grandma”, she also loved kids, especially my nephews; she would turn herself inside out, her unmistakable high pitch cry’s of delight at the sight or hearing them! She had a unique coloured ice blue eye that always stopped people in their tracks, coupled with a pink dye job in her younger years attracted so much attention which she always loved to receive! Her nickname was “TT” and she loved her treats and food anything that she could consume was up her alley, she was not at all picky… Our family will certainly miss this firefly of a soul, I know she will be romping around in heaven nipping at Tiny’s heels keeping him in line once again. Teika you were and always will be, my little girl that I always wanted; I will forever cherish you in my heart. Sweet dreams xoxo… mom.

RIP Tiny

Our beloved Tiny was with us for 16 yrs; born in Sept. 1995- Dec. 2011. Although Tiny was a handful for the first 14 years of his life, he thought he was an agile cat who would try & outsmart/manipulate us 75% of the time, the other 25% of the time we caught on. Yes we miss him terribly, I miss his destructive ways with his squeaky toys, the way he would try & shred (unwrap) all of the christmas presents because he thought they were all for him (our girls were the smart ones, they never understood why Tiny only wanted the paper, as they would wait close by & snatch the unveiled toys from right under his nose)..... Tiny was always seeking a cuddle, he was the happiest when we wrapped him up tight in a blanket next to us..............
Sweet Dreams Tiny, you are in our hearts always.....